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I Am A Thought… My Future IS Your Future

I Am A Thought is a short story by Dave Gilpin and a part of the Mind Map allegory of the mind of a Christian. Through it, Dave reveals the war that exists between the new regions of our minds and the Fallen Regions of our minds. He shows us how we can win this war through building new habits ad strongholds within the mind, as well as destroying the old destructive habits that exist within us. It all starts at The Grand Central Station of the Will. Let the journey begin…

The BNP – A Christian Perspective

Recently, eight million people tuned in to the BBC’s Question Time, over four times its normal audience, to watch Nick Griffin, the leader of the British National Party, present the views of the BNP and to defend allegations of racism within the party.


Have your chance to see what goes on behind the scenes of Hope City Church by checking what senior Pastor Dave Gilpin is looking for from every resident and emerging preacher in the life of all congregations of Hope City.

Up Close And A Little Bit Personal – (I’m normal, it’s just everybody else!)

When I was both at school and university I cannot remember learning anything at anytime from any teacher. My mind was always elsewhere. Everything I learned I learnt through taking ‘no doze’ caffeine tablets and swotting through the night before the deadline, whether it be an exam or an assignment due.

4 Laws of Momentum

Momentum is the unseen genius behind much of what is achieved both in our world and for the Kingdom of God. It’s rarely ever mentioned, receives no awards and is rarely ever visible to the naked eye. It’s a power, however, that surges beneath the surface of all who finally achieve their dreams. Those who lose it’s presence lose out on more than they could even imagine.

Head Games – What to do with the voices within

I admit it – at times I exhibit juvenile behaviour! Christmas has always been a favourite time of mine to relax, step out of the box and do some really silly things. As a minister, you have to be pretty grown up and pretty responsible most of the time, so on Christmas day, for many a year at around 2.30 in the afternoon, myself and my former associate pastor used to start giggling like two naughty school boys as we organised ourselves to make silly calls to members of the congregations who could possibly take a joke!

Obama, Brand and the BBC – A Cultural Revolution

What does Barrak Obama, Russell Brand and the BBC all have in common? Along with the full cast of Big Brother, they’re all winners or victims of a cultural revolution that’s happening all around us – The emergence of the ‘cult’ of personality! Add a good dose of celebrity and fame and you’ve got it – a revolution where your new best friend or your new worst enemy is someone you’ve never even met before.

Footprints in the Sand (The Real Life Version!)

“One night I dreamed of walking along the beach with the Lord. Many scenes from my life flashed across the sky. In each scene I noticed footprints in the sand. Sometimes there were two sets of footprints, other times there were one set of footprints. This bothered me because I noticed that during the low periods of my life, when I was suffering from anguish, sorrow or defeat, I could see only one set of footprints.

Don’t Believe The Hype

The last few weeks have seen some incredible and unprecidented changes across the world’s banking and political systems. The media coverage is not unlike that of the recent conflicts in the middle east; blow by blow, minute by minute ‘as it happens’ coverage designed ultimately to beat the media competition in getting the latest developments out to you and I.

2012 Vision for Hope City Church – PART TWO

As senior pastor of Hope City Church, Dave Gilpin outlines his vision for 2012, which centers around the power of a single step. Dave reveals his aspirations for the next four years in the life of Hope City Church. It’s all about the power of a step.

2012 Vision for Hope City Church – PART ONE

2012 is a significant year for the whole of the UK. The olympics games is coming and bringing with it representatives from every country. Dave Gilpin outlines what he sees for Hope City Church in such a significant year. He underlines it with the fact that all plans and dreams require steps. They don’t just happen. This is our plan and now we are taking steps to see it come to pass…

The Naked Christian – Taking the covers off ‘a move of God’

Whenever someone claims that what they’re currently experiencing is a ‘move of God’ I wonder what was happening to them before God moved! Throughout the past ten years, there have been many places across the world that have been branded with the term ‘a move of God’. If that’s the case, what does that say about what’s happening in my neck of the woods!

Holy Crapola!

In this article Dave Gilpin looks at – The Cult of Christian Perfectionism… Just as Fairy dishwashing liquid has become anti bacterial, it would appear that we have created doctrines that have produced a sanitised form of Christianity that involves avoiding being hurt, nurturing hurts, healing hurts, talking about hurts, and the ‘group hug’ style protection of hurt people.

Was Florida a Health Hazard (rather than a health provider)?

Dave Gilpin believes that the healing revival in Lakeland, Florida could be making people a little less well rather than making them better! In this controversial article he looks at the supersizing of the Christian faith and the health risks it poses.

Is Skint A Lack Of Faith

When things are financially tight in church life, or even in your personal life, it could be a sign that you’re actually smack bang in the middle of God’s will. Sometimes we just need a jolt. Our propensity for routine and familiarity slowly leads us away from noticing changes in season and changes in the mind of the Holy Spirit. When forced to really hear what the Spirit is saying we finally wake up and move out into new territory in God.