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I am a Prayer – The Story of a Gaggle of Words

I am a prayer. In haste I was put together at approximately 10:03 yesterday morning. There is nothing in my appearance that would attract you to me. I’m not like Beckham – more like Rooney. I’ve got no rhythm and no rhythm, no punctuation, no onomatopoeia, no cutting edge – no mojo. I’m half-baked: Each word held together simply by the string of a sincere heart of the one who prayed me into existence.


In a world where people want a Nirvana of a stress free life, Dave Gilpin turns up the heat on what a purpose driven life looks like in the modern world. He also explains the latest move of Hope City Church to become a C3 Church under the leadership of Ps Phil and Chris Pringle, based at C3 Church in Oxford Falls, who over see the global movement of C3.

My Brand New Jacket – Reinvinting You

Dave Gilpin is sporting his brand new jacket and has his reinventing hat on. Preaching live in Sheffield on our First Fruits Offering Sunday Dave encourages us to make a start on the future we believe belongs to us. Changing an attitude, making a shift in direction or investing some time towards it prophesies over your future. Don’t despise the day of small beginings. Your future awaits.

Talking Frogs

If you don’t know what you want, you’ll get what you’re given. Dave Gilpin encourages us to dig deep and discover what we really really want. There’s a gap of frustration between what we accept in life over what we really really want. Here’s how you persue the life you were called to live over the one we scrape together…

Who Are You?

We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are. Our identity determines our future. Stop asking what God’s will is. God’s will is you – your identity, who you are. Life doesn’t come through being purpose driven, but being identity lead. Part live, part on-location, this podcast will show you how.

Hashtag Crazy

To talk about ‘crazy faith’ is like talking about a ‘flying plane’. That’s what planes do. Faith doesn’t make sense. It makes miracles. This is Dave Gilpin’s take on Crazy Faith – recorded live at Hope City Sheffield.

Buzz Inc

Dave Gilpin is on a mission to create Buzz Ambassadors! There should be such an expectation that God is about to do something in our midst. It’s time to brush off disappointments and live as ambassadors of buzz in and out of season. Dave outlines how while preaching to our Hope City Sheffield congregation…

Shift Happens – Dirt Shifting

Dave Gilpin continues his series SHIFT HAPPENS with this message entitled Dirt Shifting. Helping us to create the river banks that help build momentum, bring good discipline and structure to the way we live out our lives. It’s a brilliant thought as part of Dave Gilpin’s Shift Happen’s Series.

Shift Happens – Cloud Shifting

Most look above their heads and see clouds as an incovenient sorry sight, but Dave Gilpin begs to differ when it comes to the weather system looming over our outlook on 2012. He argues that it’s up to us to decide where the clouds ascend to and in turn where the rain falls. It’s down to our prayer and faith to lift the clouds from the low lands of faith to the highlands of faith. Every cloud carries the promises of God for our churches, ministries and personal lives. It’s time to shift the clouds. The storm contains the rain that brings the fruitfulness we’ve been praying for fo years.

Steve Jobs – A Tribute

A tribute to the late Steve Jobs – founder of Apple and a man responsible for revolutionising the way we communicate. His creative and innovative spirit will be noted by generations yet to be born.
This tribute was recorded in Sheffield (UK).

Life Stages – The Wall Of Grace

In every new season or life stage we transition into, God’s grace and favour goes ahead of us. Understanding these transitions as leaders helps us to facilitate and disciple our church as they navigate their seasons. We can have confidence that we’re headed for a collision with God’s Wall of Grace which has been built ahead of our arrival to our new spheres of influence, challenge and fruitfulness.

A Guide To Life

Dave Gilpin starts a new series on transitioning into a new season or life stage whilst understanding God’s grace and favour goes ahead of us.

Stone Age – The Seven Stages of Destiny

David used a stone. Jesus’ first miracle involved stone. Here’s a story, an analogy, of a singular stone that falls from a cliff near the battlefield of Goliath. Written by Ryan Gilpin, it takes the reader through the seven stages of destiny…

Imagineering – A Fresh Look at Genesis Chapter 1

Dave Gilpin teaches his Imagineering series to The Leadership Academy Night School class of 2011 in Sheffield. Based on Genesis 1 he’s unlocking creativity and leadership.

Directors Cut

Dave Gilpin with his sidekick Si Blois run through a service of Hope City in Sheffield and look at what went right, what went wrong and what they can improve on. ( Great for Emerging Leaders AND Pastors.)