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Shift Happens – Cloud Shifting

Most look above their heads and see clouds as an incovenient sorry sight, but Dave Gilpin begs to differ when it comes to the weather system looming over our outlook on 2012. He argues that it’s up to us to decide where the clouds ascend to and in turn where the rain falls. It’s down to our prayer and faith to lift the clouds from the low lands of faith to the highlands of faith. Every cloud carries the promises of God for our churches, ministries and personal lives. It’s time to shift the clouds. The storm contains the rain that brings the fruitfulness we’ve been praying for fo years.

Personalities – maximising the real you, minimising the default you – PART 2

Dave Gilpin continues to look at ‘The Real You’ – your amazing strengths of personality, as well as the default personality types that try to suppress the real you. From Mr Volcano through to Mrs Pessimism, Dave looks at the emotions that trigger such behavioural patterns as well as the heart conditions that trigger our emotions. It’s time to maximise your strength and minimise your weaknesses.

Part 3 The Postman – The Skoda of Prayer

Every Cheque of Faith needs taking to the Bank of Grace . The vehicle that waits outside the house of every person is the Vehicle of Prayer. Prayer isn’t a Rolls Royce. It’s a Skoda. The Skoda of Prayer!