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Fabulous Faith

You don’t need breakthrough. You don’t need finance. You don’t need healing. What you need is the key that opens the door to breakthrough. Faith is that solitary key. There is no other key.  It has no feels. It has no emotion. It sees nothing in the natural. Yet it

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Personalities – maximising the real you, minimising the default you – PART 2

Dave Gilpin continues to look at ‘The Real You’ – your amazing strengths of personality, as well as the default personality types that try to suppress the real you. From Mr Volcano through to Mrs Pessimism, Dave looks at the emotions that trigger such behavioural patterns as well as the heart conditions that trigger our emotions. It’s time to maximise your strength and minimise your weaknesses.

The Wall (Part 1)

Dave explains the power of God’s love in delivering up from sin. Dave unwraps the small three letter word that is ‘sin’. It appears with varying degrees of seriousness. Dave challenges us to get down to the deeper issues behind the acts of sin. Recorded live at Hope City Church, Sheffield, UK.