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Makes Me Wanna Pray

Most prayers have a lot to do with making us better, more holy and more acceptable to God. They’re about all we can do for God. Yet the Bible declares we love him BECAUSE He first loved us. To ask God to firstly show you His glory is not ancillary

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Planet Shaker

What to do when the planet shakes. Recently while in New Zealand, Pastor Dave Gilpin celebrated his 60th birthday by going on the world’s largest catapult. The scariest time, he says, was not the beginning nor the end, but the transition time when his feet left the ground. Whenever our

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Rage Against Beige

Pastor Dave Gilpin has a theory that many believers were more ‘exciting’ before they believed than after they believed! Before they were rescued by Christ, they spent their weekends painting the town red. Now they spend their weekends painting the church beige!  Why is that? Believers should be the most

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Taking Back Control

Losing control and letting God take control is a signature of the Christian life. Living under the control of people is not.  Taking back control is about the power to choose who you want to be, even when you can’t do all you want to do.  Do that and it’s

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The Next You

Recorded at Your Best Life Conference on the Sunshine Coast, Australia Stop shrinking back to the places you’ve outgrown. It’s scary, but the Next You is being created and it’s vital that you don’t look backwards. The world isn’t rejecting you, God is reserving you for a bigger future- the

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Far Away From God… yeah right!

Is it possible to be far away from God? When someone is running away from God – how far can they get – a mile? a marathon? a million miles? Dave Gilpin, Senior Pastor of Hope City Church looks at the problem and solves it – thanks to some help from the Bible! It’s a Hope City video treat! Enjoy.