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In a world where people want a Nirvana of a stress free life, Dave Gilpin turns up the heat on what a purpose driven life looks like in the modern world. He also explains the latest move of Hope City Church to become a C3 Church under the leadership of Ps Phil and Chris Pringle, based at C3 Church in Oxford Falls, who over see the global movement of C3.

Part 3 The Postman – The Skoda of Prayer

Every Cheque of Faith needs taking to the Bank of Grace . The vehicle that waits outside the house of every person is the Vehicle of Prayer. Prayer isn’t a Rolls Royce. It’s a Skoda. The Skoda of Prayer!

Part 2 The Postman – The Cheque of Faith

Inside every letter delivered by the Holy Spirit from God’s heart to yours, is a cheque. It’s the Cheque of Faith. It guarantees the promise. Don’t lose the cheque!

Fly on the Wall – Future Blogging…

Dave and some of his team have try and work out the future of his DaveGilpin.com video blog… Should it be short insights into Dave’s lastet revelations and thoughts on church life or a live look into the workings of Hope City Church? Amuzing and at times ironic. If you have any thoughts on the matter – let us know…