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Duration: 10 minutes

There’s a cult of perfection out there. There’s an idea that to walk with Jesus is to never fail, never experience increasing trials and never bleed one drop of blood. Dave Gilpin begs to differ.

Romans 10:15 quotes from Isaiah 52 and states ‘How beautiful are the feet of him who brings good news.’ In fact, Isaiah 52 adds How beautiful ‘on the mountain’. Well, I don’t care where you put those feet – put them against a backdrop of black velvet and diamonds, they’re still not beautiful! Feet are actually one of the ugliest parts of the human anatomy. Personally speaking, I love my wife’s neck, shoulders, arms, eyebrows and waistline but her feet are in a completely different league! They’re not what I’d call ‘beautiful’!

Listen to this podcast for my take on having really beautiful feet without going for a pedicure!