Dave Gilpin continues to discover how we can confront and deal with eternal issues that can champion our successes. Despite the enemies that seek to make us fall as Dave mentioned in part 2, in part 3 the strength of the one that is on our side shows how he can keep us from falling, and how God seeks to set us on the right path for an incredible destiny.

Part 3 explores the secrets to progressing powerfully along the journey of faith, covering the times of despair and how to combat these with God’s power to walk the successful path. Learn how the journey is not about overnight instant success but involves always stepping forwards and in the darkest times, never stepping backwards. Be inspired to go from strength to strength as you begin to connect with God and see the limitless power he can exercise for the smaller and the greater steps in your life. 


Duration: Almost 11 minutes
Recorded at Hope City Church, Sheffield

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