Recently, eight million people tuned in to the BBC’s Question Time, over four times its normal audience, to watch Nick Griffin, the leader of the British National Party, present the views of the BNP and to defend allegations of racism within the party.

This is a speech made by By Dave Gilpin, Senior Pastor – Hope City Church, England in response to the programme.

Read the speech below…

Firstly, it was shambolic of the BBC to allow a stirrer of racial hatred to be given a platform on publically funded television. Secondly, it was shambolic to allow so many present to bully the bully and treat him in exactly the same manner that his party treats the non-whites in this country.

The Bible is clear that you overcome evil with good, not reciprocated evil. Nick Griffin is streaked with the evil of hatred and disrespect and knows that any publicity is good publicity for the BNP. Their support is therefore rising, not falling.

The BBC has shown itself to be deeply speckled with both the darkened spots of left wing extreme tolerance to anything and everything, and the black spots of right wing extreme intolerance of anything that doesn’t line up with what they believe to be liberated 21st Century truth.

• If you happen to disagree with the gay culture and lifestyle, you are branded homophobic. Yet, for so many, nothing could be further from the truth. You can disagree with a person’s entire perspective on life yet deeply respect them as people. It’s not intolerance – it’s the real definition of tolerance – opposing points of view on life and death issues, held together by respect, dignity and love. Peer pressurising everyone to agree that gay lifestyles are good is the epitome of intolerance yet it happens to be the vanguard of the tolerance movement.

• If you live in area of huge migration and imported unrest, and speak out about it, you are branded a racist.

• If you make a stand for morality, you’re no longer protected by left wing tolerance, but wholly rejected by right wing intolerance.

Political Correctness is a two-faced movement with one face being an all-absorbent sponge that takes on any minority interest, and the other face covered with sharp razor blades of intolerance.

By law, the BBC had no reason to not show Nick Griffin. It also has no reason for not showing advocates of sleaze and promiscuity that also destroy the fabric and wholeness of British society.

When the compass of morality is thrown into the sea of modernism and secularism, you get both a Nick Griffin and a Russell Brand – who both adversely affect the future of Britain in their own subversive ways.

They say that the BNP has risen up out of the evacuation of the Labour Party from its Working Class roots to Middle Britain. They’ve risen up in regions of unrest between residents and immigrants, areas of high unemployment and high favouritism to the disaffected. The truth, I believe, is that it’s less about racial tension and more about boredom, lack of purpose, lack of personal value, family breakdown, the depersonalisation of society by vast shopping malls and long dole queues and the sense of lostness in a sea of humanity. Hatred becomes the misguided purpose and misplaced identity of gangs, mobs and isolated communities.

The answer to the breakdown of our Nation is the love, dignity and value shown by God the Father when he sent his son Jesus to Earth. Jesus demonstrated his love to the Working Class by selecting many of them to be a part of his group of 12 disciples. He was a fan of ethnic minorities – as seen in his love for the Samaritans, and a supporter of abandoned women. He backed sinners, like the woman found in adultery, and rejected the self-righteous religious bigots of the day.

He died on the cross not for himself, but to release people from the sins of hatred, selfishness, inferiority, lust of money, lust of power, lust of sex and the roots of insecurity that imprison all of humanity, from the richest to the poorest.

He died to reunite us with dignity, love, acceptance, forgiveness and God-given destiny. On the cross he collected the knives of self harm and societal harm and gave a towel of service to lift up others to the high ground of real freedom in the Father’s love.

There is a vacuum in our society and world to be filled not by a racist movement but by the church of Christ, leading people to both the rivers of life in all its fullness and the shores of eternity.

This river of life runs within banks of morality but seeps out to touch every human, no matter how good or how bad their track record is.

Jesus died for Nick Griffin and Russell Brand, and he died for every person in our precious country. He died for a better world of real tolerance, real love and real dignity that is desperately needed in Great Britain today.