Senior Pastor Dave Gilpin answers pressing questions about his personal life and the vision of Hope City Church. If you’d like to know why Hope City Church dos what it does and why it doesn’t do what it doesn’t do, then this is the place! Everything from prophesy to deliverance, marriage to Dave’s hair colour! (Press PLAY is you’re nosey!)

Preached live at Hope City Church in Sheffield’s at the 11AM Service. There are three parts to it below. Enjoy your viewing!

Part 1

FAQ’s include:
Do you dye your hair?
Does the UK need revival?
What is the need for lights and gismos in church?

Duration: almost 10 minutes


Part 2

FAQ’s include:
Do you enjoy being the Senior Pastor of Hope City Church?
Do you believe in deliverance ministry?�
Why don’t you have lots of prophesying in church?

Duration: 1 second under 10 minutes

Part 3

Duration: almost 7 minutes

FAQ’s Include
Do you and Jen argue much?
Why don’t you have more worship on Sunday?
What is the one thing missing from the church today?