Hope City TV started airing weekly on UCB TV showing The Mind Map Stories. Real Life stories are brought out in interviews with six couragious young adults who have had to redirect thinking patterns which came about as a resultof traumatic circumstances in their childhoods. Dave Gilpin brings his Mind Map to life as they tell their story. It’s time to bring back the power of The Grand Central Station of the Mind otherwise known as your ‘Will’.

Aired on UCB TV: Sky Channel 586 or ONLINE
Showing TImes: Monday 12:30pm | Thursday 7pm | Friday 10am | Sunday 9pm

The programme features…

Dave Gilpin’s Mind Map
The panorama of your mind is full of high rise cities, vast rail networks, large new riverside developments as well as villages and towns, some ghost towns, scattered throughout the countryside – all within the distant sound of a holy war. Be inspired as Dave Gilpin explains the power of understanding how thoughts navigate their way around your mind.

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