June 2011

WikiChurch – turning the church from spider to starfish

In 2000 a new online Encyclopedia began called ‘Nupedia’. In 3 years it had gathered a total of 20 professionally edited articles. Someone wasn’t happy at Nupedia and suggested that anyone from any culture, age or background could add and edit articles in a new venture called ‘Wikipedia’. (Wiki means ‘fast’ in Hawaiian.) Today there are 4 million Wikipedia articles in English.

Imagineering – A Fresh Look at Genesis Chapter 1

Dave Gilpin teaches his Imagineering series to The Leadership Academy Night School class of 2011 in Sheffield. Based on Genesis 1 he’s unlocking creativity and leadership.

Directors Cut

Dave Gilpin with his sidekick Si Blois run through a service of Hope City in Sheffield and look at what went right, what went wrong and what they can improve on. ( Great for Emerging Leaders AND Pastors.)