October 2011

Steve Jobs – A Tribute

A tribute to the late Steve Jobs – founder of Apple and a man responsible for revolutionising the way we communicate. His creative and innovative spirit will be noted by generations yet to be born.
This tribute was recorded in Sheffield (UK).

Prophetic Masterclass

This interactive teaching is all about bringing the ‘New Prophetic’ to a new generation of believers. Much of the old style of prophesying in church settings has been deliberately curtailed by many church leaders – and for good reasons. We live in a ‘celebrity culture’ where so many are afflicted by what they’re calling ‘Profile Addiction’ – a need to be seen and heard as a substitute for the Father’s love. We also live in an age where the need for role models necessitates that those who do prophecy are people others ought to aspire to be like.

Life Stages – The Wall Of Grace

In every new season or life stage we transition into, God’s grace and favour goes ahead of us. Understanding these transitions as leaders helps us to facilitate and disciple our church as they navigate their seasons. We can have confidence that we’re headed for a collision with God’s Wall of Grace which has been built ahead of our arrival to our new spheres of influence, challenge and fruitfulness.