Much of the old style of prophesying in church settings has been deliberately curtailed by many church leaders – and for good reasons. We live in a ‘celebrity culture’ where so many are afflicted by what they’re calling ‘Profile Addiction’ – a need to be seen and heard as a substitute for the Father’s love. We also live in an age where the need for role models necessitates that those who do prophecy are people others ought to aspire to be like.

The era of erratic prophesying by people who either ‘need’ to prophesy or don’t exhibit the qualities of real discipleship are over – well, they’re over in the Arena of the Sunday service. Our Sunday services have moved out of the intimacy of the bedroom, the intensity of the kitchen, the introspection of the lounge room and the indiscretion of the toilet. They’ve moved to the intersection of the living room. It’s near the front door of evangelism, near the teaching centre of the kitchen, near the small group setting of the lounge, near the place of repentance and near the place of greater love and intimacy. Because the Sunday services have moved due to our desire to invite the ‘unchurched’, the style of the services have been adjusted too. And for good reason.

What we do at Hope City Church is to have a prophetic time at the end of worship that is done by a chosen leader who operates with a prophetic edge. This seems to not only help keep the meeting tight but also, through their preparedness and good use of scripture and words, touches a greater percentage of the people than the ‘old fashioned’ way of spontaneous prophesying.

Because we work hard at the entire service being prophetic (including Church News), the whole meeting feels like you’re in a river. And that can only be a good thing.