When a judge on X Factor says ‘Shall I go with my heart or shall I go with my head?’ They are not quite asking the right question. No one ever ‘goes with their head’. We are all led by deep emotions that rise and fall like a giant ocean within our souls. What the judge is really saying is ‘shall I go with my heart that really likes you or shall I go with my deeper heart that really wants my career to do well and the money to keep rolling in?’

The decision is entirely emotional, but the deeper emotions usually always win.

I’ve drawn a diagram of the six levels of emotion in a believers mind and soul. The shallowest emotions are the fleeting emotions of a ‘bad hair day’ or a little bit of ‘road rage’. The deepest emotions are a result of faith in Jesus Christ, causing a sense of victory to reside in the deepest crevices of our heart and soul.

From these Victorious emotions come both a new set of Visionary emotions (the eye of our heart) and a release of Virtuous emotions such as love, joy and peace. (The fruits of the Spirit.)

It’s these emotional layers that both reinforce and strengthen our Vulnerable emotions and limit and subdue our Volatile emotions such as anger and anxiety.

The result of reframing our emotions is that we are gradually transformed. The result of our transformation is to further experience that greatness of His will towards our lives (Romans 2:12) and this can only be good.