In Matthews Gospel, 8 out of around 14 parables that Jesus gave were directly to do with judgement. We never mention it for the fear of offending. However- In this age of judgementalism where isms and phobias are thrown around both as missiles of judgment and weapons of mass bullying, Jesus parables take on a new meaning.

In the Parable of the Weeds, the owner of the field told the workers to let the wheat grow with the weeds and for them to not to even attempt to do any weeding along the way. He would do that at harvest time. He would exercise final judgement, not the workers. Jesus is telling us to be counter cultural- to spend no time judging or being judgemental about others, ourselves, our society and our world. He is the only person wise enough to make the right calls and at the right time. And until He does, we are to live with eyes of faith, not the voice of accusation.