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I’d Rather Be An Artist Than An Art Critic

Dave shares some of the wisdom of his recent messages preached at Hope City Church. From vision to practical issues, the weekly blog will keep you in touch with all that’s going on in Dave’s mind.

Fly On The Wall – Mr Fix It

After last weeks debate on the future blogging style of Dave’s videos, some of his team have been reassembled for the latest Hope City Office dilemma based on the cost of employing heart before skill. This time it is in the case of our maintenance team. We do appreciate them and want to publically thank them for all their hard work!

Dave Gilpin’s Blog

I’m so looking forward to having you all at the BLink Leadership Summit in only a short time now! For so many, it’s the best thing they go to because it’s one of the rare round table conferences that looks at the engine room of church life in the company of pastors and their core tem only – book in today – you’ll love it!!

Fly on the Wall – Future Blogging…

Dave and some of his team have try and work out the future of his video blog… Should it be short insights into Dave’s lastet revelations and thoughts on church life or a live look into the workings of Hope City Church? Amuzing and at times ironic. If you have any thoughts on the matter – let us know…

‘Fullness of Christ’ HD Music video

The amazing new debut worship album from Hope City Church is designed to help you in your devotional life by providing an inspiring yet chilled blend of both music and song. This is the brand new video for ‘Fullness of Christ’. I think you’ll love it!

The Humility Challenge

Dave continues with his theme of ‘Humility’. It is an essential key to becoming like Christ and to our future. God needs to teach, train and equip us but pride often stands in the way. Often you find yourself in a position where people seem to rise up to oppose you – Dave argues that God allows them to frustrate or hinder you in order to cause us to humble ourselves. God gives grace to the humbe so surely we neeed to grow in the attributes of humility – not pride.

The Four Faces Of A Champion Church

Dave Gilpin talks to leaders on how to choose to look through the four faces of a champion church including: The Face of an Eagle – I See, The Face of an Ox – I Can, The Face of a Lion – I Will and The Face of a Man – I Trust. It’s time to out on your champion outfit for the great things ahead.

Unpacking Faith Living

In the week following Hope CIty Church’s incredible First Fruits Sunday – Dave Gilpin looks at living the faith life. There is always something else to be believing God for. When God’s resources are unlimited there is always more to be tapped into – according to our faith, be it unto us! it’s according to faith though so don’t be snooting around someone else’s well. Dig your own!

Vanity, Vanity – All Is Vanity!

The closest I’ve come to ever using the word ‘vanity’ is in attempting to sing ‘You’re so vain’ by Carly Simon! Now I’m really showing my age. That’s all until just the last week. I’ve had a hunch but now have faith that if I attempted to do all of the stuff I see other people doing it would all be … you guess it – vanity

Introducing the Leeds Megacentre

Dave and Scott Wilson from ICL in Denmark run around part of the new Leeds Megacentre which about to under go it’s first face lift. Scott lets us in on the significance of church property to a community. We have been praying and believing for a significant property in the city centre of Leeds that will become a hive of activity for the community, businesses and the movers and shakers of Leeds. Watch out – here we come!

It’s Time To Get Dressed Properly

Dave is on a rampage to declare the goodness and blessing of God over the people of God. Isaiah 55 says ‘you shall go out in joy’. With the UK being declared as officially in recession Dave steps out to counteract and the spirit behind it. God is not contained or limited but able to fully resource and bless – just as he was a year ago. It’s time to choose to put on His glory, put on his provision and joy to become a greater witness.

Dave’s Expectations for ’09

Dave outlines his expectations for 2009 for Hope City Church in the midst of a national recession. He looks at the power of declaration and praise over your territory. It’s time to enlarge, stretch, lengthen and strengthen (Isaiah 54 vs 2). Shrinking back is not an option!

Thoughts on the Power of Momentum

There is a mysterious force that when allowed to build can cause your church to become unstoppable. It’s called momentum – and right at the outset of 2009 Dave declares that gone are the days where you start something and then stop because of discouragement and then start again. The power of keeping on going in the face of adversity makes you unstoppable. When you give God your one talent – he’ll add another and then multiply your two. Your 2009 can’t afford to go by without it.

Captain Strangeways!

I really enjoy Christmas each year, but I have one big problem with getting presents – they sit there looking brand new and sparkly in a little pile saying read me, charge me up, upload me, look at me and use me……. and every year it secretly drives me a little crazy.

Be Confident Of This…

Dave Gilpin unveils his latest test of confidence surrounding the launch of the debut album form Hope City CHurch – ‘DEVOTED’. Turns out he had it all wrong but here’s his insight in to learning to value the beginings of great things in God.