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Blink – The Power of Thinking Without Thinking

Almost every time God speaks to us, it’s accompanied not by a booming voice or lightning flash but by a flicker- a change of cabin pressure- a momentary or residual peace that settles on the underside of our emotions. Because righteousness, peace and joy are the three arbitrators of the

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Inklings: The 5 Levels of Desire

Your inner desires are completely linked to the will of God for your future. If you delight in Him, the Bible says, He will grant you the desires of your heart. Yet you’ll never truly be able to find them or follow them if you’re driven by demand, fear and

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The Parable of the weeds

In a world where people are keen to point the finger, as Christians we are called to leave the judgement up to God. Press play to find out how you can have the freedom to leave things with God in this message from Pastor Dave Gilpin.

Slow Mo

Phew! It’s Only Thoughtlessness

You’re probably still waiting for that return text, that return gift and that return invite to that party. You’ve probably already decided that they are a rude, self-seeking person who has thoroughly undermined your worth and is seriously vindictive and dismissive. Yet the truth is they probably forgot. They’re thoughtless.

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You’re either really really tidy or really really messy!! You either pray a lot or don’t pray at all; and when you do pray, your first words aren’t ‘praise you’ they’re ‘I’m sorry’. These are all indications that you may be carrying a virus called Perfectionism. It’s a form of

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Silverdale Road: Time and chance happen to everyone

More British sporting stars have been created on this one street than any other street in England. Why? Because those who lived there were custodians of an unusual set of circumstances and opportunities. People think that talent is king, yet Silverdale Road tells us a different story. And this story

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Dangerous Liaisons

Our greatest danger is that we stop being dangerous and play life safe. Knowing that Jesus reigns over everything changes everything. Faith exists only in the thin blue line between hope and danger. When Peter stepped out of the boat, he confronted the possibility of drowning with the possibility of

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How To Have A Slightly Better Marriage

The pressure to have a brilliant marriage has caused a lot of marriages to go backwards and not forwards. When Ken and Barbie talk about their perfect marriage, they omit to tell you how imperfect it actually is! In this message, Pastor Dave Gilpin looks at 5 keys to have

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The Next You: The Sequel

There’s something so new about to come into your life that the Bible describes as ‘more than you could ask or imagine’. Yet this ‘new wine’ will only be placed into ‘new wine skins’ that won’t waste a drop of your precious future. God is wanting to reinvent you. There’s

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Ebenezer – The place between Miracles

Whether you’ve been called out like Abraham, thrown out like Jonah or sold out like Joseph, it’s time to raise your Ebenezer and declare ‘thus far, the Lord has helped me’. Jonah raised his in the belly of a whale and then that same whale took him to the shoreline

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The Leadership Revolution

If you pray for a canoe, God will give you a tree. The power of God gave you the tree. The art of Leadership will give you the canoe. The future of your world lies in the combination punch of the power of God and the art of Leadership. This

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Failing Forwards – the brilliance of failure

All of success is rooted in an exposure to failure. Our greatest successes often come from the situations in which we open ourselves up to the greatest possibility of failure, yet the greatest chance of succeeding. Listen to the latest message for Dave Gilpin here. It’s time to fail forwards.

The Scarlet Cord

In all of our lives from the moment we were born, there’s been The Scarlet Cord of God’s faithfulness running alongside us, swooping into our future. It’s been there in the euphoric times knowing that you’d need a companion when the music fades, and it’s been there in troubled times

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Donkeyology: embrace the ordinary

Donkeyology: The theology of Donkeys – why God chooses to use ordinary things for His extraordinary purposes and not special things. God chose a donkey to carry His presence into Jerusalem and God chooses you to carry His presence into your city, for His Glory. In the message Dave Gilpin

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