You Don’t Need More Faith (The Greater Conference)

Faith never goes to the gym and is never bigger than a seed. You don’t need a lot of it! In fact you don’t need more faith, just less doubt. – Live at The Greater Conference.

No Pets Allowed – How to Move from Surviving to Thriving

We all have pet thoughts which we leave to run around our minds. There are some pet thoughts which must not be allowed, in order to make His house our home.

The Four Faces of Heaven

In Ezekiel, heaven displays four faces- the face of an eagle, an Ox, a Lion, and a Man. The Eagle sees, the Ox endures, the Lion roars and the Man understands. They are also the four faces of God, leadership, parenting, relationships and faith.

Releasing the Introvert

For the introvert, practice makes perfect. In this message, Dave Gilpin heralds the second comes of the introvert into leadership and into places of influence and power.

The Power of the Introvert Live at Calvary Church

People are often telling us to come out of our shells. Some animals, however, take their shells with them wherever they go. Shell time is a gift, not a hindrance! – Live at Calvary Christian Church Australia

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