The Bodyguard

Jenny Gilpin combines prophecy with preaching to create a unique and fresh outpouring of power and authority.

Moving Day

Have you ever wondered what life would look like if you lived in the middle of your dreams? In this message, Pastor Jenny will inspire you to move from today’s lodging place into your spacious place of tomorrow. If you want know more of God’s vision for your life and

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The Unseen Script

The Unseen Script of your life is set behind the scenes of your future. In this message Pastor Jenny invites you to step out in faith and become a child of the invisible, as you launch into your best season yet.

The Sequel

Forget a new chapter; it’s time to start a whole new book! Pastor Jenny brings a beautiful word on living out our sequel, believing that the years ahead are far greater, far bigger and far easier than the years behind us.

The Turquoise Side of the Moon

Pastor Jenny takes us on a journey of her personal revelation that when life seems its hardest, and we seem our weakest, that’s when God’s glory can shine through the brightest. This is a message of transformation and hope for your life.

It’s Time to Take Residence

Sometimes it feels like God is a million miles away as we go through hard times; in this message, Pastor Jenny presents an invincible summer that can arise within you during your darker days. You will find out how every part of your today is a preparation for God’s beautiful

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