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The Prayer of Jabez

Your future is the exact opposite of your feelings. Your destiny is the exact opposite of your dead ends. Your purpose in life is the direct inverse to the past in your life! Why? Because God builds his greatest strengths upon your greatest weaknesses. Because Jabez knew this, he was

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Think Big Act Small

Behind every breakthrough you’ll often find a breakdown. It’s the place of divine exchange. Dave Gilpin shares intimately from his wife Jenny’s personal journals where in the midst of despair she attempted to think big yet act small – leading to one of the greatest victories Hope City has ever

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The Third Culture

Our churches are filled with Third Culture People- people who grew up in a different culture to the culture in which their parents grew up. Third Culture Kids (3CKs) share a sense of not quite belonging in any place- when asked ‘Where are you from?’, their answer is always: ‘Then

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The Unstoppable Church

The greater your momentum, the greater your impact. Momentum is calculated by depth times width times speed. It’s your turn to increase it. NOW.

The Power of the Introvert Live at Calvary Church

People are often telling us to come out of our shells. Some animals, however, take their shells with them wherever they go. Shell time is a gift, not a hindrance! – Live at Calvary Christian Church Australia

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