Meet Dave

I’m Dave Gilpin. I’ve been in ministry for over 35 years which is 10 more than it took for Abraham to get a word from God about Issac and actually having Isaac! It’s a long time yet I’m still feeling fresh!

I was born in Birkenhead, England and moved to Australia when I was 5. Because I was given a book on bridges when I was 10, and because I was compelled parentally to pursue one of the Big Five professions, I chose to do a Civil Engineering degree and moved from Canberra to Sydney to complete it.

It was a set up though. Half way through the degree and after 3 years of student madness, I became a Christian. My sister had already become one. And now it was my turn!

After finishing the degree, and two years in the outback of Queensland where I was hit hard by the power of God in a church full of farmers and travellers, I attended a bible college in Brisbane and then went on to become a Youth Pastor for 5 years.

My wife, Jenny, and I felt a call to England, specifically to the place where around 100 people died in a tragic accident in a football stadium in Sheffield. We packed our house and left for a total of 29 years!

We pioneered Hope City Church in the heart of Sheffield and it soon started to spread. We planted in Rotherham (the town next door), Manchester (now Audacious Church, the largest in the city), Liverpool, Leeds, Newcastle, Frankfurt, Accra in Ghana, London, Kuala Lumpur, Birmingham, York, Sunderland and Darmstadt.

While I was stretching the church, Jen was pioneering City Hearts, a ministry that began by offering rehab and residential care for women with life changing issues. After taking in women freed by the police from brothels that had been trafficked into the country, City Hearts was granted support from the British Government to set up both safe houses and outreach care for the survivors of human slavery coming into Britain. Over 600 woman were housed over the time we were there with over 3,500 survivors cared for.

In 2020 we returned to Australia to both be closer to our son Ryan and to fulfil a new chapter of apostolic ministry back in the homeland.

The first ministry I’ve created is SERMONZAR, a ministry to help make better preachers across the planet. With fresh beginnings on YouTube, my desire is to coach and train a new generation of preachers to communicate stronger, fuller easier and better than they have ever done before.

So there you have it. Ministry in motion. Thanks for joining us on the journey.