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A.D.H.A Live in San Diego

Dave Gilpin takes his Life Message of turning disorders into assets to C3 church San Diego. This expanded version looks deeper into strengths and non strengths as well as God’s strengths upon our weaknesses. It confidently declares over you that 50% of all of your weaknesses are completely mythical.

Counterfeit Gold

It’s Not A Dead End

The Scroll

Messiah Complex

Messiah Complex is a belief that either you or someone you know is called to be a saviour to your world.⁣ It’s hard wired— people need a saviour and when they fail to see the real saviour in Jesus Christ- arms wide, full of authority, care and concern- they often

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Future You

There’s two of you- Present You and Future You. When Present You meddles with Future You’s world, the result is anxiety and burn out. In Matthew 6:34, Jesus told us to not worry for tomorrow. Matthew 6:33 explains why. It refocuses Present You to get on with the ‘greater good’

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Faith is a Noun Live at Calvary Church

Preached at Calvary Christian Church in Australia, Dave tries to convince the congregation that faith isn’t a doing word, it’s a being word. It’s not a verb, it’s a noun. It’s something you have, hold and handle. Understanding this will wipe the slate clean on all your striving and reboot

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Love Your Man Live at Calvary Church

Recorded at Your Best Life Conference on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. The Bible states that it’s not good for man to be alone. Often in a long marriage when the wife passes away, the husband passes away soon afterwards. Yet if the man passes away, the wife can live for

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The Next You

Recorded at Your Best Life Conference on the Sunshine Coast, Australia Stop shrinking back to the places you’ve outgrown. It’s scary, but the Next You is being created and it’s vital that you don’t look backwards. The world isn’t rejecting you, God is reserving you for a bigger future- the

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When Friends Fail Live at Calvary Church

Recorded at Your Best Life Conference on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. There’s three kinds of friends in your world- the ones you see from high school every year, the ones who you don’t socialise with but are always looking out for you, and the friends you burn the midnight oil

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The Start


Mountain Men

A man without a mountain is only half a man. Every man was born for near misses, desperate challenges and traversing trouble. And when he does it for the protection and provision of others that man becomes a brother, a husband, a father. The bible tells us, ‘How beautiful on

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Things that Annoy Me in Ministry

Ps Dave shares on the things that annoy him in ministry, encouraging us to really step out in the spirit of faith to do the impossible on our journey to become and do all that God’s called us to do.

Fail to Win

Sometimes in other to be successful we must fail. the Road to success is filled with the potholes of failure. Ps Dave inspires us not to be afraid to fail, because in those failure are great lessons that will shape the quality of our future if we don’t give up.

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