Don’t Believe The Hype

This article was recently sent out to all our business partners recently – I think you’ll love it!

The last few weeks have seen some incredible and unprecidented changes across the world’s banking and political systems. The media coverage is not unlike that of the recent conflicts in the middle east; blow by blow, minute by minute ‘as it happens’ coverage designed ultimately to beat the media competition in getting the latest developments out to you and I.

Whilst we need to be aware of what is happening around us, what we do about it and how we allow it to affect us are two very different matters.

We have to ensure that above all we maintain an atmoshere of faith around our lives and in relation to our businesses. Is this faith a kind of intentionally uninformed optimism? No, it’s simply making sure that our thinking whilst being informed by events is still firmly anchored in God’s word.

God’s word reminds us that far from being victims of these times we can be the ones who rise to the forefront. God raised Joseph up in a time of famine; he caused Isaac to prosper in a time of famine; he used adversity to deliver his people from the hand of Pharoah.

God’s word reminds us that He is for us, that He is our Father in heaven and that through Him we are more than conquerors. Reminding yourself of these truths and getting them into your spirit will guard your mind and promote and propogate a Kingdom culture in your thinking.

The result is that you develop one of the vital skills that separate entrepreneurs from others; the ability to spot and seize opportunities. Instead of downsizing your vision, you start to see that in every season there is business to be done and wealth to be created for Kindgom purposes. You realise that whilst change is inevitable and in many ways outside of your control, the way you respond to change will determine your future.

So, take a moment to think and reflect. What counter-attack are you launching in your own mind to defend or win back those cities of truth? Are you changing the world around you as God intended or simply going with the flow? Are you spotting opportunity or reacting to threat? Are you choosing to believe the hype, or choosing to believe the truth?

This is our time to arise and shine!

Written by Colin Davies. Business Network Director at Hope City Church. Copyright October 2008.

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