Unpacking Faith Living

In the week following Hope CIty Church’s incredible First Fruits Sunday – Dave Gilpin looks at living the faith life. There is always something else to be believing God for. When God’s resources are unlimited there is always more to be tapped into – according to our faith, be it unto us! it’s according to faith though so don’t be snooting around someone else’s well. Dig your own!

Vanity, Vanity – All Is Vanity!

The closest I’ve come to ever using the word ‘vanity’ is in attempting to sing ‘You’re so vain’ by Carly Simon! Now I’m really showing my age. That’s all until just the last week. I’ve had a hunch but now have faith that if I attempted to do all of the stuff I see other people doing it would all be … you guess it – vanity

Introducing the Leeds Megacentre

Dave and Scott Wilson from ICL in Denmark run around part of the new Leeds Megacentre which about to under go it’s first face lift. Scott lets us in on the significance of church property to a community. We have been praying and believing for a significant property in the city centre of Leeds that will become a hive of activity for the community, businesses and the movers and shakers of Leeds. Watch out – here we come!