July 2009

My God Story – the little beginnings of a faith life!

I admit it – at times I exhibit juvenile behaviour! Christmas has always been a favourite time of mine to relax, step out of the box and do some really silly things. As a minister, you have to be pretty grown up and pretty responsible most of the time, so on Christmas day, for many a year at around 2.30 in the afternoon, myself and my former associate pastor used to start giggling like two naughty school boys as we organised ourselves to make silly calls to members of the congregations who could possibly take a joke!

Up Close And A Little Bit Personal – (I’m normal, it’s just everybody else!)

When I was both at school and university I cannot remember learning anything at anytime from any teacher. My mind was always elsewhere. Everything I learned I learnt through taking ‘no doze’ caffeine tablets and swotting through the night before the deadline, whether it be an exam or an assignment due.

Dave Gilpin’s Mind Map

The panorama of your mind is full of high rise cities and towns, vast rail networks, tall cranes, large new riverside developments as well as pathways and roads – all within the distant sound of a holy war. It’s these cities and towns that determine what will become of you and your future. Every day, trains arrive to drop off fresh supplies that keep the urban residents vibrant and strong. What happens in the cities determines the outcome of your entire life.