September 2009

Part 1 The Postman – Always Rings Twice

The Postman always rings twice. A lot of people say that ‘God never speaks to me’. The reality is that God is never not speaking. Everything from the beginning of the world to the healing of the leper began with words. This edition of Dave Gilpin Almost Live was recorded at Hope City Church, Sheffield.

Part 2 The Postman – The Cheque of Faith

Inside every letter delivered by the Holy Spirit from God’s heart to yours, is a cheque. It’s the Cheque of Faith. It guarantees the promise. Don’t lose the cheque!

The Wall (Part 2)

Part two of Dave Gilpin’s series called ‘The Wall’ see’s him squirm as he looks at the differences between men and women! The real issues of sin need to be dealt with – women generally want to get down to the issue behind the sins whereas men often want to mop up what has just happened and then move on. It can often be the same with God. We enjoy a shallow relationship – dealing with the fallout of the sin rather than the reproductive habits of sin.

The Wall (Part 1)

Dave explains the power of God’s love in delivering up from sin. Dave unwraps the small three letter word that is ‘sin’. It appears with varying degrees of seriousness. Dave challenges us to get down to the deeper issues behind the acts of sin. Recorded live at Hope City Church, Sheffield, UK.

Part 3 The Postman – The Skoda of Prayer

Every Cheque of Faith needs taking to the Bank of Grace . The vehicle that waits outside the house of every person is the Vehicle of Prayer. Prayer isn’t a Rolls Royce. It’s a Skoda. The Skoda of Prayer!

Heaven Sent E-book

A taster of a part of the Devotional Rescue Series, ‘Heaven Sent’ is a collection of extracts from the private journalling of Jenny Gilpin. It reveals some of the words from heaven that have sustained and encouraged Jenny in her personal journey through life and ministry. This is your opportunity to share the treasures she has found and move deeper into the secret place to discover for yourself a God who is craving to share His heart and power with you!