November 2009

I Am A Thought… My Future IS Your Future

I Am A Thought is a short story by Dave Gilpin and a part of the Mind Map allegory of the mind of a Christian. Through it, Dave reveals the war that exists between the new regions of our minds and the Fallen Regions of our minds. He shows us how we can win this war through building new habits ad strongholds within the mind, as well as destroying the old destructive habits that exist within us. It all starts at The Grand Central Station of the Will. Let the journey begin…

Time To Leave The Cemetery E-Book Taster

A brand new book written as part of the Devotional Rescue Series by Ray Bevan and edited by Dave Gilpin. The future awaits for all those who are courageous enough to say goodbye to the past and reinvent themselves for all that’s ahead. ‘It’s Time To Leave The Cemetery’ is your personal handbook to enable you to put aside all that’s old, worn out and predictably dull in your life and position you for the next big thing that God has in store!

Part 3 The Postman – The Skoda of Prayer

Every Cheque of Faith needs taking to the Bank of Grace . The vehicle that waits outside the house of every person is the Vehicle of Prayer. Prayer isn’t a Rolls Royce. It’s a Skoda. The Skoda of Prayer!

The Postal Strike Hits Again (Music Video)

Daves latest preching series called ‘The Postman’ which looks at the Holy Spirit being likened to a postman has come under threat through the lastest postal strikes. Dave understands that some of the post is now being delievered by a white van men right accross the country… So he’s written a song about it… it’s called ‘White Van Man’. It’s all about the Holy Spirit delivering little parcels of faith, hope and love through the letterbox of our hearts!