Dynamic Doodling

Dynamic Doodling

Right now, right across the planet Psalm 97:1 remains as true today as it always has been ‘The Lord reigns!’ In actual fact it doesn’t stop there but invites us to immediately respond to it by saying – ‘…let the earth rejoice.’

It’s hard to ‘rejoice’ when you’re either staring down the gun of something particularly awful or having to face the total unpredictability of the future.

The great news is that because God reigns – the potentially explosive nature of our lives becomes the perfect backdrop for the God of Miracles to do His stuff.

It may look as if everything is out of hand, yet it’s been jostled by an invisible Hand that watches over your future with kindness and authority.

In the same way that volatile hydrogen mixes with oxygen to create thirst-quenching water, our life on earth mixed with our faith that ‘The Lord Reigns’, can create unexpected outcomes that both refresh and replenish our lives and our world.

It’s time to let your earth rejoice. Why? Your Lord reigns. Boom!

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