April 2013

Beauty For Ashes

‘What do you think people think when they see you?’ Most people have no idea of where we’ve each come from and where we’re going. All they see is a snapshot – a photograph – no perspective and no background. With snapshots, all we can do is categorize them. In doing so, we all become a little judgemental. For example when we see someone a little overweight, we judge them. But if we’d seen that they have spent the last year reducing their weight by half, we would congratulate them.

My Brand New Jacket – Reinvinting You

Dave Gilpin is sporting his brand new jacket and has his reinventing hat on. Preaching live in Sheffield on our First Fruits Offering Sunday Dave encourages us to make a start on the future we believe belongs to us. Changing an attitude, making a shift in direction or investing some time towards it prophesies over your future. Don’t despise the day of small beginings. Your future awaits.