Young and Free : Devotional

Young and Free : Devotional

Youth is not an age it’s an attitude. Thanks for everyone close to me over the past few years that’s helped me reduce my signs of ageing AND maybe get young again.
Two more things have also helped – I’m a late developer, always secretly jealous of those who knew their mind at an early age. Everything’s clicked in later than expected. Finding my voice took longer than most. Much longer. It’s messed up the timeline. Therefore, somehow, I still think I’m young.
Secondly, somewhere in the journey I’ve also lost a decade. A strong root of rebellion needed extracting. I emerged from the ‘the underground’ later than most. Much later. But I went there.
So there’s a lot of young freedom reserved and ready to fuel the future.
You and me didn’t spend years being set free just to sit back and watch the action. Wowzers. We’re here to help create it.

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