Left Brain Churches

Left Brain Churches

My left brain LOVES systems, adores categories, loves pathways and clings to lists, databases, and more lists. My right brain HATES to know that I’m part of any such things as these.
My right brain ADORES authenticity. It craves individuality and looks for people who can see my unique added mystery to the universe. I want to feel like a million dollars. You never build a church on left brain first. It will eventually become a well organised morgue. You’ll have your finger on the pulse while the heart slowly dies. You ALWAYS build it on right brain first. The left brain should always serve the right brain. Don’t let the church nerds rule.
The left brain is essential for organising the chaos caused by creativity and love but NEVER let left brain systems be seen or felt by anyone. If anyone smells the fumes of a well oiled system, they’ll be crestfallen and eventually leave in search of fresh right brain activity.

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