For starters and for all our sakes you need to be MORE agreeable. You need to find more common ground in conversation, on social media, with your parents or in your marriage. It’s a part of growing up. Don’t let the niggles, the extremes and the stupidities of our society get to you.
But you also need to be LESS agreeable: to know when to say NO! You need to know when to be driven by your convictions by walking out of the room in the middle of that Netflix series; when to say you absolutely disagree even if the world hates you for it and how to say no to the good when it competes with the best.
YOU ARE THAT LINE BETWEEN BEING COMPATIBLE AND BEING NON COMPATIBLE. That’s the real you. DRAW THE LINE. Define who YOU are. Without that line life becomes meaningless. With that line, life starts to become all it was ever meant to become. It’s called CONVICTION.