Your Hometown

Your Hometown

LUKE 4:14-30

We’ve all got a hometown. Even a new town can become a hometown that sees you as you were, not as you’re becoming. It’s a stronghold that wants to own you and freeze you in history! 

After spending 40 days in the wilderness tempted by Satan, Jesus then spent a weekend in Nazareth tempted by history. 

It’s a spirit, a culture and a trap, seeking to tie you to the past. It has no eyes to see your future. 

Jesus taught his disciples that if a place didn’t welcome them or their words, shake off the dust and find a place that does. 

We all need a shot of humility as we become aware of our brokenness, but we were never born to stay forever around the spirit that constantly reminds us of it. 

Jesus could do only but a few miracles in his hometown. He needed honour, and that honour released the miraculous. 

Same with you.

(Just make sure however you’re not someone else’s hometown! As the bumper sticker goes- ‘When Satan reminds you of your past, remind him of his future’)

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