The Conviction

The difference between your present and your desired future is your CONVICTION. Lining up your confession, mental commitment and conduct with your conviction is your master key to your destiny. Jenny Gilpin places a magnifying glass on this powerful truth.

This is Elim

Where you place a flame you change the game. Jenny Gilpin seems to carve through the layers of humanness ever time she speaks and places the Word in the slither of space between soul and spirit. This message is no exception. It’s a game changer. Preached in Sheffield England, this

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The Pursuit

There is a quest, A search, A desire in each of us for something more. It is the pursuit of meaning, It is the pursuit of a life purpose, It is the pursuit of strength. It’s a longing, A cause, A relentless ache and a beautiful art. In our pursuit

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The Advocate

An advocate is a person who stands in the gap in defense of another person. There are many who claim to be advocates, but there are few who have paid the ultimate price for their advocacy. Pastor Jen reminds us that we have that advocate; the one who died for

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A New Footstool

Jesus is not in the business of allowing us to face challenges which he knows will break us. Jesus is not about having those things which come against us defeat us. Maybe it’s time to start seeing your challenges not as a weight to crush you, but an implement to

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Don’t Mess with the Mustard

We often think the way to see our dreams realised is to grow our faith, to build our faith, to have enough faith to see us through the hard times. But the strength of our faith is in its source not its size – we need only faith the size

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Go Tell

Some messages are game changes. This is Pastor Jenny Gilpin, speaking under the influence of the spirit, pulling down strongholds in the minds of believers and non-believers in order to take you into your God given future. Go Tell is about changing the attitude of your mind to expand the

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Mercy in the Middle

Just because Jesus is silent, doesn’t mean he isn’t working. Senior Pastor Jenny Gilpin encourages us that God gives us mercy in the middle – the struggles that we find in between the peaks of our faith.

The Dark Side of the Moon

The Invitation

Will you choose to pick up the invitation and answer it? Or will you pass it by? Regather momentum, pick up the Great Commission – there is a world out there waiting to hear our voice.

Guard the Dream

Pastor Jenny Gilpin brings an incredible message on the need to guard our dream. When God places a dream within our hearts it is to be nurtured and protected until it has grown the strength to survive.

The Fight for the Dream

The Sound of Your Future

The sound of our words, the sound of our generosity, the sound of our feet, each create the sound of our future. When you speak, speak faith.

Good Posture

Pastor Jenny Gilpin brings an incredible message that we must carry ourselves with a posture of confidence as Christ makes us victors during our battle not simply after it!

The Hidden You

In everything we go through, we are faced with two options: to either harden our heart, or to open our heart. Often we choose to harden our hearts because we don’t want people to know the real ‘us’, the flawed ‘us’. The truth is that God knows us better than

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