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Hallmarks of a Successful Christian Leader

Dave’s come up with seven traits he believes are esential for someone to be sucessful in leadership in the long term. There’s probably a few more but seven is a nice number.

The Naked Christian – Taking the covers off ‘a move of God’

Whenever someone claims that what they’re currently experiencing is a ‘move of God’ I wonder what was happening to them before God moved! Throughout the past ten years, there have been many places across the world that have been branded with the term ‘a move of God’. If that’s the case, what does that say about what’s happening in my neck of the woods!

Holy Crapola!

In this article Dave Gilpin looks at – The Cult of Christian Perfectionism… Just as Fairy dishwashing liquid has become anti bacterial, it would appear that we have created doctrines that have produced a sanitised form of Christianity that involves avoiding being hurt, nurturing hurts, healing hurts, talking about hurts, and the ‘group hug’ style protection of hurt people.