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Stockholm Syndrome

Let’s not become enamoured with what’s keeping us from moving boldly into all God has for us. Fear. Resignation. Settling for smallness. Retraction. These things can hold us hostage: we’ve got to see them for what they are and fight to break free! Tune in to this week’s podcast with

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Are We There Yet?

In our changing world, it is so easy to have a fluctuating faith! We’re all-in one moment, and completely doubting the next. But how can we remain steadfast and consistently trust in God in the face of changing winds? In the face of uncertainty? In our impatience in getting to

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Shock Proof

There is a birthing in this time and in this season that will be unprecedented. A birthing of men and women with a different spirit. A fearless spirit. In this message Pastor Jenny, encourages us to stand firm in the midst of a shock. To still our hearts and minds

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Living on the Fault Line

THE BIG ONE IS COMING. Victory doesn’t come from misinterpreting your season.  The discomfort you are living in, is leading you to lean in to your limitations. An eruption should be expected. A change and expansion is happening within you in order to welcome the move of the Spirit of God. The earthquake

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The Second Exodus

Trends come and trends go. Some are good and some are bad. We have not been called to mimic the world but to be the salt and the light of the world. This prophetic message is a redefinition of season to some and to others a challenge. God is ready to

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Counterfeit Gold

It’s Not A Dead End

The Scroll

The Start


Sorry Not Sorry

Humility and the act of saying sorry is completely counterculture to the heart of man, there is something in us that keeps us from wanting to open ourselves to others. As a christian you are designed to be countercultural, we are designed to seek redemption. Our admission of wrongdoing is the

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The White Flag

Truth has become interesting in our society today. We learn that the ironic truth about our society is that it we like to discussion ideas of truth but we don’t like to act in truth. Discussion of ideas often never amount to anything but God’s truth isn’t something to just talk

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The Second Wind

Pastor Jenny delivers an awesome word about failure leading to success – how fears that hold us back can also build us up for the task ahead.

Stand: Your Standpoint is Your Powerpoint

The more you advance in the kingdom the more you attract drama and opposition. Will you escalate the drama into melodrama? Or will you come to a new standpoint of faith on the other side of your wilderness?

Simple Things