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Thoughts on the Power of Momentum

There is a mysterious force that when allowed to build can cause your church to become unstoppable. It’s called momentum – and right at the outset of 2009 Dave declares that gone are the days where you start something and then stop because of discouragement and then start again. The power of keeping on going in the face of adversity makes you unstoppable. When you give God your one talent – he’ll add another and then multiply your two. Your 2009 can’t afford to go by without it.

4 Laws of Momentum

Momentum is the unseen genius behind much of what is achieved both in our world and for the Kingdom of God. It’s rarely ever mentioned, receives no awards and is rarely ever visible to the naked eye. It’s a power, however, that surges beneath the surface of all who finally achieve their dreams. Those who lose it’s presence lose out on more than they could even imagine.