Manboobs – in defence of the male species

Manboobs – in defence of the male species

[podcast] – In defence of the male species.mp3[/podcast]

Duration: 30 minutes

Sometimes men are able to feel wrong simply for being a man! This podcast sees Dave Gilpin playing in defense of the male species.

He looks at:

  • Why men are always wrong and women are always right
  • The top ten things men can’t help
  • The top ten things you’ll never hear a man say
  • Why men need so much adoration…

This is a part of his Humour Series. Get your ‘Male Pride’ placards out!

Dave Gilpin (From the Vault)
Dave Gilpin (From the Vault)
Manboobs - in defence of the male species

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  1. I laughed the whole way through Manboobs! Some genius thoughts in there too, such as our praise to each other should be specific, not just general.

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