A personal letter from Dave Gilpin to 2009! Written at the start of 2010, he’s determined to live in the present – not the past. God’s ‘good perfect and pleasing will’ for this year, not according to last year’s experiences but God’s fresh grace and provision. Here goes…!

Dear 2009,

Thank you for the opportunities you gave for me to hear from God. Without them I’d be a poorer person.Thank you for the opportunities for me to use my gifts and abilities to extend God’s kingdom on my patch on earth.

Thanks for the acceptance and support. I’ve had from others and for the great experience of working in an awesome team for the success of the vision we all share.

Thanks for the times when God came through again and again to show what true faithfulness is all about.

Thanks for keeping me busy for the 12 months that you are.

Yet – I’m sorry to say this – but I’m not going to live with you anymore. I’m now living with 2010. I’m so sorry but you are my past, she is my present. You’re my memory, she’s my today. ’09, I refuse to live with the regrets of prayers unanswered and opportunities missed or lacking. I refuse to lie down in the yukky residue of last year’s leftovers.

‘One thing I do: forgetting what is behind and straining towards what is ahead, I press on towards the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward.

‘Don’t cry ’09 but I’m turning over a new leaf, drawing a line in the sand. 2010 is mine now. It has the grace and power that you no longer hold. 2010 has the opportunities you no longer have. It has beautiful eyes to see the future – your eyes look back – her eyes look forward.

Don’t look for me 2009. I’ve even packed my toothbrush. I’m not coming back. I’ve left with everything of value, and left everything of no value. You were good, sometimes bad, but my future lies with the dawn of a new decade, the opening of new doors and the pallet of Heaven’s new colours.

Goodbye ’09, au revoir,