Welcome to Dave Gilpin’s Tube Map of the Soul. Between the Mind and the Heart lies the Soul – a mass of emotion created by both the decisions and imprints of our past, as well as our unique ‘personality led’ way of seeing the world around us. As emotions are stirred, they trigger other emotions that often form long emotional trains within the Soul.

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Left to themselves, these Soul trains within a person can create patterns of behaviour that are often at odds with their real aspirations and desires. Doubts and Fears can lead to Anxieties that can lead to either Hostility and Self Pity, creating a ‘default’ personality profile that begins to mask the real person. Gifts and talents become inhibited by runaway trains of the Soul.

These Soul trains surface in the Mind at the Grand Central Station of the Will. It’s here that decisions are made over whether to act upon negative emotions, flow with positive emotions, or supersede our emotions by both thinking and living by the higher truth of God’s Word.

The more we say ‘no’ to destructive emotions such as Jealousy and Moodiness by choosing to ride New Trains of Thought that reflect the truth of God’s Word, the more our Souls are set free from fear and released into health and wholeness.

With both the help of the Holy Spirit and love of the Father, we can begin to see our true personalities, unique gifts and amazing talents rise up unhindered, to serve God’s incredible destiny for our lives.