Are you a Late Developer?

Are you a Late Developer?

Late means there’s was quite a bit of stuff going on before you got to get going in your chosen craft. If you were to draw a picture of your life it would be more like a pyramid with a wide base that took ages to create, rather than a thin rectangle or small semi-circle. You may feel a little vulnerable but you’re impossible to push over. There’s something indestructible about you. You were formed and fashioned by the winds. Now you stand stronger than most against the wind. The shape of your life is the strength of your life.
Yet never forget, the wider your base the taller you can and should rise. And you were called to rise tall.
You might be a late developer but you’re NOT an early finisher. Don’t slow down. Never say enough is enough. You haven’t yet seen the full reasons why your base is so wide. Dare to be the greatest in your field. Surely that will answer the question why it’s taken so long.

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