How to be a slightly less Dysfunctional Leader

How to be a slightly less Dysfunctional Leader

1- Don’t make final decisions on your own. You’re not great at perspective. You know that. Get some people who aren’t ‘yes men’ who love you, have displayed unconditional love to you and have a gift of discernment. That way you’ll end up looking better than you actually are. ?

2- Don’t pastor people on your own. You’re likely to put your foot in it without anyone to help dig you out. Always have a side kick who’s nicer than you. ?

3- Don’t ever say- ‘I just like to be honest’. Honesty has never really worked for you in the past has it? Honesty without grace cuts heads off and, as you’ve found, it’s really hard to stitch them back on again. It even goes for when you preach- grace is the saddle for truth. If you’re not full of grace, please stop preaching. ☹️ 4- Don’t take yourself so seriously. Allow a good laugh. It will reduce the tension that follows your intensity. Let people decide what quirks are just part of your personality and what quirks are a character impediment. (They will banter over the former while remaining silent over the latter.) ?

5- Don’t assumes it’s all everyone else’s fault. You expected too much too early. You failed at properly explaining things and you never created a ‘safe to fail’ working environment. That makes everyone nervous so they fail more. ?

6- Don’t have a stiff upper lip. Apologise often. You’re not expected to be perfect yet it would be nice for everyone for you to recognise your possible transgressions and say sorry. It will actually create a buzz where everyone feels more respected and valued. ?

7- Don’t be so goal driven. It’s ruining the family vibe. Sure, there’s important things to achieve but your fixation on outputs and dashboards is a little over the top. You’re not a business guru. ?

8- Don’t ever be silent. Admire people for what they do, adore people for who they are and affirm people for where they’re heading. Only then can you make necessary adjustments. Make sure you put lots of money in the emotional bank first before making the smallest of withdrawals. ?

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