I See Demons

I See Demons

From the birth of human civilisation until now, if we found anything that represented a threat to us we would quickly demonise it. That’s because demonisation is easy as and quickly unites everyone against an obvious enemy.
The problem with this is that people are not demons, sickness is usually not demonic and that ‘threat’ could be because you didn’t check the oil in your car.
I believe in demons. Jesus saw the devil fall like lightning as he was cast, along with a third of the angels, out from heaven.
But let’s be kind. People are usually only victims to deceit, not the originators of it. Our enemies are more hurt than spiteful and that kick back you got could be because you kicked first. You just forgot about that.
Let’s not caricature our surroundings so much and ask God for wisdom. And that always comes in layers.

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