Kill Negativity

Kill Negativity

Your greatest enemy is negativity. If you beat it, things that are dead will come back to life; things that are sick will get healed; things that are missing will be found. That’s what happens when you speak light into darkness and not darkness into light.
You’ll have to beat the 7 strands of negativity-
1. The feeding of suspect friendships built on negative vibes and a common enemy.
2. The instant protection it provides from painful future disappointments.
3. The reinforcing of years of negative patterns of thought fed to you from your family line.
4. The revenge it serves cold on those who have hurt and offended you.
5. The decoy is creates to surreptitiously illicit praise and sympathy from others.
6. The bandage it provides to not deal with the deepest problems that lie inside you.
7. The identity it’s given you that you’ve honed and mastered but never liked.

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