The Greatest Show Off

The Greatest Show Off

Showing off would be excellent (and even more amusing to watch) if it wasn’t accompanied by making the rest of us feel just a little smaller than we did before we noticed you showing it off. It could be in the largeness of your endeavour, the smallness of your waist, the size of your influence or the light in your lashes. We know you’re compensating, though, for a feeling of ugly and a syndrome called small. We’re trying our hardest to actually overcome the same things though. That’s why you’re annoying. Ok, we’ll remind ourselves AGAIN to run our own race, bless those who are unknowingly kind of cursing us (that’s you), and we’ll throw ourselves back at the feet of grace that despises not the small and derails the syndrome. We will also try our hardest to not take our own grains of success and throw them back into your face in case one gets stuck and harms your vision. You are us and we are you. Together we pray, ‘God show us the line between being sincerely blown away and letting the world know…. and showing off a little.’ Amen.

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