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What to Do After the Storms are Gone. The place where you live and breathe is too small for you. It fitted yesterday, but it doesn’t fit your future. The only way out is to upsize. The prophet said to the woman about to die, go into your neighbours households

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The Next You Live at Calvary Church

(Recorded at Your Best Life Conference on the Sunshine Coast, Australia) Stop shrinking back to the places you’ve outgrown. It’s scary, but the Next You is being created and it’s vital that you don’t look backwards. The world isn’t rejecting you, God is reserving you for a bigger future- the

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The Rainbow: Mephibosheth

Favour Ain’t Fair. This is part 2 of the Rainbow series. When Abraham was asked to cut 3 animals in half and place the halves opposite each other, he was setting up a mysterious covenant where the halves on the left would represent himself and the halves on the right would

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The Rainbow

Signs from Heaven to Earth. The question why do bad things happen to good people comes from an over exaggeration of our own goodness. We’ve placed ourselves miles too high on the Scale of Good. You know you better than anyone so it’s not a surprise to know that you’re

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Things that Annoy Me in Ministry

Ps Dave shares on the things that annoy him in ministry, encouraging us to really step out in the spirit of faith to do the impossible on our journey to become and do all that God’s called us to do.

The Voice Part 3

The Voice Part 2

Express yourself. Why did God ask Adam to name the animals? This would seem a pointless exercise until you remind yourself of the power of names. Names have an ability to fashion, form and frame both the present and the future. It’s happened throughout your lifetime with both positive and

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The Voice

Calling your future out. Chaos marked the beginning of creation. Chaos always exists between what was and what is to come. To usher in what was to come, God spoke. He didn’t just think. He didn’t remain silent. The Word of God contains the power of God, yet the spoken word

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Unboxing Possibility

Right now you’re being unboxed. The box that held in your potential is being torn apart by unrest. To release your potential that releases all kinds of possibilities requires faith. And faith starts with a storm; a chaos and a sense of being out of control. Why? Because faith first

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The Parable of the Weeds

In a world where people are keen to point the finger, as Christians we are called to leave the judgement up to God. Press play to find out how you can have the freedom to leave things with God in this message from Pastor Dave Gilpin.

The Next You: The Sequel

There’s something so new about to come into your life that the Bible describes as ‘more than you could ask or imagine’. Yet this ‘new wine’ will only be placed into ‘new wine skins’ that won’t waste a drop of your precious future. God is wanting to reinvent you. There’s

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The Scarlet Cord

In all of our lives from the moment we were born, there’s been The Scarlet Cord of God’s faithfulness running alongside us, swooping into our future. It’s been there in the euphoric times knowing that you’d need a companion when the music fades, and it’s been there in troubled times

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The Unforced Rhythms of Grace

Jesus said “my yoke is easy and my burden is light” – so why do so many Christians struggle?! We are meant to live in the rhythms of his grace. As we do, we find ourselves grooving in all seasons.

Welcome to the Mind Map Experience: I Am A Thought

Inside every person’s mind are Fields of Dreams, Floods of Emotion, Trains of Thought and Cities of Habit. The skyline of your mind will determine the skyline of your future. Welcome to The Mind Map Series. Romans 12:2 says to ‘be transformed by the renewing of your mind so that

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The Premier League

Church life is like the English Football League. Not everyone is in the Premier League. Some remain in the Championship, while others remain in League One and League Two.

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