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The Naked Christian – Taking the covers off ‘a move of God’

Whenever someone claims that what they’re currently experiencing is a ‘move of God’ I wonder what was happening to them before God moved! Throughout the past ten years, there have been many places across the world that have been branded with the term ‘a move of God’. If that’s the case, what does that say about what’s happening in my neck of the woods!

Florida Had Never Heard Of Its Own Revival

Hello World! I love saying that! Even though there may only be a handful of very idle people gathered around their laptop reading this (while resting a minute in between experiencing grander and more significant Christian web vistas!) I don’t care – a hit is a hit and a hit is a possibility for me to inject my little sprightly spirit into the huge christian landscape that abounds across the earth!

Was Florida a Health Hazard (rather than a health provider)?

Dave Gilpin believes that the healing revival in Lakeland, Florida could be making people a little less well rather than making them better! In this controversial article he looks at the supersizing of the Christian faith and the health risks it poses.