Florida Had Never Heard Of Its Own Revival

Hello World!

I love saying that! Even though there may only be a handful of very idle people gathered around their laptop reading this (while resting a minute in between experiencing grander and more significant Christian web vistas!) I don’t care – a hit is a hit and a hit is a possibility for me to inject my little sprightly spirit into the huge christian landscape that abounds across the earth!

In the light of this daunting landscape that’s laden with variety, depth, size and movement – what, me thinks, will be the after effects of the crash of Todd Bentley and the masquerades of a young Australian evangelist who wasn’t all we thought? Very little… and a lot less than we could imagine! All of us to some degree are legends, but our legendary status exists to the end of the carpet of the lounge room that we inhabit! It’s good to be a legend – I love it – but it’s also good to not see ourselves more highly than we ought.

We’re essential in God’s plans, yet the show must go on. His Kingdom is far more robust than we could ever imagine! The Florida revival was never a Florida revival anyway – 99% of Florida didn’t even know about it. and it was built around a solitary, frail man searching for his own inner identity. It was a drop in the ocean of God’s power on earth. The show of Gods power on earth was hardly was hardly marred by its demise. My bible college principal once wrote on the top of our white board

” May integrity and uprightness protect me, because my hope is in you” Psalm 25 vs 21

If it’s faith that opens the door to destiny and power, it’s integrity that keeps that door open until every drop of destiny is achieved. We need both to do our bit for the greatest show on earth – His Kingdom advancing! We may be legends in our lounge rooms, but let’s do it well for the Kingdom of God and be there in the end!

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  1. Well written Ps Gilpin!

    Its tough when heroes fall and when legends werent what they first seemed but as you say the show must go on and at that the importance and responsibility of our own role in that show just got a whole lot bigger…

    If anything it makes you reavelauate your own faith and causes you to place it squarely on the characheter and bigness of our great God…

    As my great pastor would say “theres no such thing as a great man of God only a man of a great God”.. and at that its time to do what the good book says and “fix our eyes on jesus the author and perfector of our faith”.

  2. @ Dave Stonner
    Thanks for your encouragement. It’s simply time for us to be objective rather than emotional or synical. There’s always going to be something up somewhere in the line of work we’re in.
    Keep on doing a great job and we’ll have to catch up soon.

    @ Colin Blois
    If you keep writting comments you’ll become a life long pen pal and I’ll remember you forever!

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