New Beginnings

Hello! Welcome to the very first blog from me on It’s always good when you start something new – I’ve just got to make sure that it stays well out of the rhetoric that pastors and leaders find themselves droning on with when they lose their spark!

They can talk for England – saying all the right stuff from the bible – even describing Jesus death on the cross down to the size of the nails – and it can bore you witless!

Sometimes the most boring part of a church service is when someone yaps on over communion! It has to be a sin! The mind is semi-engaged but the heart’s not there – it’s totally and absolutely disengaged! It must be wrong to tell your wife you would walk on broken glass for her with a monotone voice when in all honesty you wouldn’t even make her the next cup of coffee! It has to be a transgression to even talk about the cross and the resurrection and the Christian life with a drone that even sends university lecturers to sleep.

Please pray with me right now that God saves me from dribbling in my old age! I really want everything on this website to be challenging, provoking, funny, very funny, clever, superbly truthful – but never dull. May it never wear beige and may it never wear a cardigan or be seen in a Volvo.

That’s all I ask. So help me God.

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